Along with being a life coach I also own, Chateo del Corazón, a blog dedicated to spreading healing ideas, mindfulness, and positive thinking. This is a space where we integrate passion with possibility to discover the presence of positivity and love in our lives.

This site is for people who want to:

  • Be happier — I’m constantly keeping up with the field of positive psychology and sharing my finding on this blog.

  • Be more productive and get more of the important things done.

  • Play and laugh more.

  • Bring more creativity into their lives.

  • Challenge themselves and expand their comfort zone.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Become more confident.

  • Achieve their goals.

  • Create positive habits.

  • Become more mindful and serene.

  • Be more authentic.


Does that also sound like you? Then I hope you’ll join me on this journey by visiting 

You can also find some of my videos below for ideas that transform and open new possibilities in the life of the community.

Finally, take a look at my products and buy any you like at 

Thank you for learning more about Chateo del Corazón!

A hug from the heart,

Claudia Castillo

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