I am passionate about education and self-improvement. I achieved my Life Coach Certification integrating my studies in psychology, pedagogy, neurolinguistics and ontology. I'm currently training as a facilitator "Mindfulness" facilitator in the EMI (Engaged Mindfulness Institute). Based on my professional experience as a social communicator, journalist, TV presenter and community leader, I discovered that my mission is to find talent and extraordinary people in ordinary life: "Stars in the community."

My job is to support you to overcome the obstacles that are in your way and teach techniques that transform lives. As a Life Coach, I can work with you to find new possibilities in your life so that you achieve your purpose faster and easier than if you do it alone. I guide you to find solutions to your challenges and see your situation from a different perspective. I am responsible to direct you do what you say you will do and celebrate our successes together. 
When working with me, you have someone who is 100% committed to be unstoppable and you discover your greatness.



Train your mind to stop so that you can hear, feel and follow your heart. Learn to connect in the here and now with love and kindness. 


Assist you in finding the beauty within and applying it to transform your life. Create a space for miracles. 


In a short period of time (from approximately 7-10 sessions) listen with an open heart, without judgement. Teach and facilitate techniques that will empower you to achieve happiness & success. 


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